How are Marketing Agencies Sailing amid Covid19

Even if the world does not have a ‘Pandemic in Progress’ sign hanging over it, the lack of people on the streets, the plummeting economy, and the shocking halt of the daily grind should be sign enough that things have changed. With the advent of the coronavirus, the world of marketing has shifted into a different gear–something not as apparent and in-your-face as content marketing in the previous years, but a subtle form of keeping our noses to the grinder. There have been many changes due to COVID, India especially is seeing a lot of changes. An economy that thrived on people and manpower has now been forced to shut its industrial doors and sit inside. 

Marketing agencies are not the stereotype–they do not only worry about pushing brands and products at their patrons. In the 21st century, marketing has a multifaceted approach. There are many different kinds of marketing agencies, including Copywriting Agencies, Content Writing Agencies, Social Media Marketing Agencies, Technical Writing Agencies, and more! These agencies take care of things from public relations to social media and form a very big part of modern-day society. With the halt of the planet, these marketing agencies are facing a lot of different reverberations. 

Content Marketing during Covid19

Only 14% of the UK’s marketing campaigns are going ‘as planned’ and that is something the country has in common with the whole world. Marketing plans do not usually take into consideration worldwide pandemics, so the situation leaves something to be desired. The first and foremost impact of COVID-19 on the marketing world is the complete annihilation of any kind of timetable, calendar, and plan that might already have been in the works. In India, many companies have adapted to life after the end of the world pretty well. People have been working from home, trying to keep their businesses going. The good thing content writing is that it does not always require a person to be in the office. As long as you have access to a computer, you should be good to go!

This, however, does not take away from the many challenges that people are facing when it comes to keeping an agency afloat in these dire times. Companies are pulling out, brands can no longer push money into marketing agencies, and delivery has been halted for the foreseeable future, which means that people have to become more creative to push their products and stay open for business! 

Content Writing Agency during corona virus

Some of the main impacts that the Marketing agencies (and related bureaus) are dealing with are the lack of consumer mobility, People can no longer come to physical stores and most things have moved online. While big agencies have online centers, some of the smaller companies might be struggling to keep abreast of the situation. The positive take on the issue is that copywriting and content writing can be done from home, with a little bit of tweaking of the company rules. The first order of business is to keep your employees safe, then comes the productivity part. 


Shifts on media consumption habits have thrust the virtual world into overdrive. People are consuming more media online as they have more time. This means that agencies can not stop working. With more (online) audiences, they have to work harder and change their patterns to keep up with the demands. Many marketing agencies have to work full time with an improvised schedule in the current time. Coronavirus has strongly impacted all industries, and the marketing industry is no different! With changes in supply chains, shortages of goods, no valid way of getting products delivered, and economic volatility all around, it is a hard time to think up new ideas and creative plans, but that is one of the needs of the hour. In this situation, flexibility may lead to success. 


Advertisement and marketing agencies are no strangers to change. Most of the time, they have to be mercurial and keep changing just so that these agencies can keep up with the times. Political scenarios change, economies topple and then knit themselves again, there are natural disasters to contend with, and even more pressing, social media often has to deal with the ‘internet-breaking.’


It is a marketer’s job to keep all these things in mind when coming up with a strategy. However, the difference between this worldwide pandemic and a twitter war is that corona is here to stay for some time. With short-termed episodes, it is easier to regain control of the flailing ship, but this virus has ensured that people need to not only search for short term solutions, but they also have to come up with strategies that will carry them forward for a long time. 


With widespread travel restriction, total lockdown in many countries, the lack of interpersonal connections, many agencies including social media marketing and copywriting agencies have new challenges to face. They can no longer sit in the same room and ideate or hold meetings. Companies are trying to utilize the online resources available like zoom and skype to keep in touch and keep busy. People are shifting online and pressing online sales instead of being hung upon keeping stores open. With the corporeal shops being shut down, online stores are going to see more profit!


There are many challenges that marketing agencies are facing in these troubling times, but the main thing to do is keep a positive attitude and make sure that you do not stagnate. Keep learning new things and keep writing. Make sure you keep up with the news because some of the most positively received advertisements and media are those which take into consideration contemporary problems (Amul ads for example). Make the best of this lockdown and keep faith in the versatile and multifaceted quality of marketing. 


Keep your creative hat on!