Top Content Marketing Trends for 2020

When it comes to content marketing, change really is the only constant. Only bound by the extent of their ideas and vocabularies, content marketers are constantly bounding ahead, one caffeine-induced breakthrough to the next. And boy is it necessary! In a world of ever scrolling thumbs and attention spans shorter than memes, if you’re not different, you’re forgotten – it’s as simple as that. 

So, the questions arise, where will 2020 find us, what trends will dominate the industry, and most importantly, how do you keep up with them? The answer is right here, folks, all you have to do is read on for a rundown of the trends we think will keep the content train churning smoothly ahead.

No One Does It Like YOU

Yes, we’re talking about user-generated content. Time and again studies have found that millennials trust user-generated content a lot more than your run of the mill celebrity endorsements. And who can blame them? When you see a “regular person” promote a product and talk about how it has worked for them, it creates a certain appeal that just cannot be achieved when the same product is placed in the hands of a celeb. 

After all, if you see Kate Upton look flawless in an ad for beauty serum, would you credit the serum or her genes for her ethereal looks? But when it’s someone who you can actually imagine running into at the grocery store, you think, “yeah, if this serum could give her glowing skin, it might work for me too.” 

So, going into 2020, the doctor prescribes lots and lots of well-done user-generated campaigns, catchy hashtags that’ll keep those entries coming, and a sprinkling of some fun contests and prizes for good measure. 

Videos Are The Way To Go

Some say the way to a shopper’s heart goes through strategic video placements, and we couldn’t agree more. Studies show that around 80% of shoppers tend to take both written and video content into account before making a purchase and over 50% of people said that they’d been influenced into making a purchase by a video alone at least once or twice in recent times. 


But, the question most people ask at this point is, how exactly to tackle putting out video content. The only advice here is – get as creative as possible. If you run an e-commerce website you can add short video clips to your product pages to showcase what you’re selling in ways more playful and fun than your usual images. 

If e-commerce isn’t your thing, you can put talks and lectures to complement your blogs as Forbes does or you can even bring in the UGC element here and add reviews from your customers, and so much more. Then come the more traditional routes of putting out videos on social media, YouTube, and considering how popular they are these days, don’t be afraid to tap into TikTok and IGTV too. 


It all depends on your area of business, so think it through and don’t be afraid to try new things until you hit the sweet spot of what works for you. 

Content is King, But Customer is God

From shameless promos to salesy content, it’s so easy (and tempting!) to just tell your customer ‘Here buy this, you’ll love it’, but the fact of the matter is that while that may have worked in the past, it sure isn’t going to get you anywhere now. With information pouring out of their ears, the consumer is smarter than ever, and you have no choice but to respect that. So, in 2020, get ready to put the customer first – if you haven’t already. 

As per CMI’s 2019 B2B report, 90% of marketers found success when they prioritised their audience’s information needs over their own sales message. How do you do this? Through the E-A-T principle, of course. Google’s E-A-T, that is expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness, parameter ensures that only the best quality content finds prime spots on its pages. 

So, as a content marketer, it’s your job to ensure that each and every article, blog post, infographic, etc you publish is filled with rich and well-researched content with the primary aim of customer satisfaction, not conversions.  

Other things you can do to increase your E-A-T quotient include building credibility by guest blogging for reputed blogs, adding author details to every article you publish, linking stats and studies religiously, and updating your website regularly instead of in random bursts. 

2020 Here We Come

If the past years have proved anything it’s that content marketing is here to say, and our guess is that it’ll only grow in the coming years. So, tighten your seatbelt and get prepared to go into 2020 with good strategy, great content and the best outlook possible.