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Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing – Are they two leaves of the same tree?

Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing - Are they two leaves of the same tree?

If there’s buzz word taking the world by storm, it’s digital marketing. Known by many names – online marketing, internet marketing – at its crux, it’s a form of marketing that does away with traditional avenues such as print and television ads. But while most people know what digital marketing is not, few could tell you exactly what it is. The mistake most people make is underestimating the scope of this form of advertising. They look at social media marketing – far more obvious and easy to spot than content marketing – and think it’s the extent of how one can sell their services on the internet. But, boy oh boy, are they wrong! 

To better understand both these things, let’s take a look at what they really are.

The Not So Subtle Art Of Content Marketing


When it comes to content, it’s everywhere – from the email newsletters you have a subscription for to that article you might’ve read yesterday about something as mundane as tips on getting rid of acne, they’re all examples of content marketing. In fact, content marketing is so deeply interwoven in our daily lives, we hardly notice it as a marketing tool anymore! But market it does. 

Think of it like this. On the same day, you see two ‘ads’ for the same shampoo, one a TV ad starring the current it-girl of cinema and the other in the form of an article you stumbled upon while looking up ways to tame your mane on the internet. Which one would drive you to make that purchase? If I were to guess, I’d say, the article. 

You see, chances are you saw that fancy high budget TV ad with most of your mind space still devoted to that episode being aired. Even more likely is that you were tapping your foot in mild annoyance waiting for the ad to get over so you could get back to your show. The article, on the other hand, would have been a whole other story. You went looking for it, you wanted the information it was offering you, and it’s highly likely you bought the product being recommended to you. That’s the beauty of content – there are no flashy lights or exorbitant budgets, just good old information.

Social Media Marketing Wins The Day

To be quite honest, social media marketing wins on most days. It’s catchy, it’s fun, it’s artful, and it hits the spot. When it comes to social media, there’s so much potential of playing around with trends, current events, pop culture, and literally anything under the sky (and beyond!). 

When you do social media right, there’s not much you can do wrong. Case in point, customers have been known to defend their favourite brand’s missteps simply because they love the brand’s social media presence so much, they are willing to forgive them when they falter. 

How Are Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing Different?

Up to this point, I’ve told you why social media and content marketing both work wonders for your brand and that they both exist on the internet.  So, how do they differ? 


One of the crucial differences between the two, the platform defines what kind of work you can put out. For social media marketing, the platforms are social networking sights such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

Content driven marketing, on the other hand, primarily takes place on the client’s website. So, for social media, you must adhere to a set of guidelines put out by the people who run the site, but when it’s your own website, you can get as creative as you want with different formats, length, and more.


While the aim of both is to sell, the way they do it is different. Content focused marketing aims to sell a product by telling the customer exactly why they need it and how it would improve their lives, that is it adds value to further the customer’s overall experience. 

Social media marketing also aims to sell a product or service, but that’s not the primary goal. Social media is all about building a relationship. In more traditional forms of advertisement, communication is a one-way street – the brand talks and the customer listens. But on social media, the customer talks and the brand does its hardest to meet those needs. Hence, social media is all about taking customer satisfaction to the next level! 

Bottom Line

Content marketing and social media are two leaves of the same tree – the marketing and advertising tree. But where people get it wrong is in thinking that they’re the same leaf. In actuality, the two are closely related and work hand in hand to complement one another. 

Social media is the perfect middle man when it comes to introducing the customer to the brand’s website, the content on the website is the meat that backs up the social media marketing efforts, and so on and so forth.

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