LezFly - Content Writing Team

Found Guilty For Flying Too High

Well, you can’t really help flying when you are content (get it?) with your work. We believe that our content writing agency is where WiFi is free, coffee is hot, and dreams become reality.

Beyond all the content writing, we are guilty for certain things, and here’s what-

Rohan Sharma

Denies being important but is one of the founders. Sorry Rohan, we had to disclose it.

Sukriti Leekha

Don’t have an idea? Have her. No! Then you’ll have too many ideas & us one less founder.

Bimlesh Anand

Yes, he’s a founder. Yes, he collects those $ and pays salaries. Yes, he also says no (well).


Give me attention. Give me attention. Give me attention. Give me attention. Or food.

Shivani Bansal

Plugs in earphones. Writes some awesome stuff. AAAs around Pixie. Does this on loop.

Raghav Sharma

Asks for work and says it is too boring. Asks for more work and says it is more boring.

Sneha Vaid

The only designer on Earth who does not crib about iterations. But please don’t try this.

Don't you adore us already? Okay, fine, just Pixie!
But we can still take care of all your content writing needs. So,